Can I come take a tour? 

Yes! We would love the opportunity to show you the building and discuss the details of your event. Please call us at 405-377-7771 or schedule a tour through our website. We typically schedule tours from 11am-7pm during the week, and we can often also accommodate tours on Saturdays and occasional weekday evenings.

When is Meditations open?

Meditations is available for events every day from 6am-midnight. Contact us for rental rates after midnight. On days when we do not have events scheduled, our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-2pm

How do I book my event?

Bookings can be done in person at the building, over the phone or on our website. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans and we are happy to work with you. An initial deposit is due at the time of booking and you have the option to pay in full or to set up a monthly payment plan as long as the event is paid for 1 week prior to the event. For specific information, please contact us directly. If you are booking within 3 months of your event, full payment is due at the time of booking.

How can I make payments?

Meditations accepts payments by credit or debit card, personal check, cash, cashier’s check or money order. If you are paying with a credit or debit card, feel free to call 1-405-377-7771 for payment.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are final. Once you are booked there is no refund of money upon cancellation or rescheduling. If you need to cancel and if your event is more than 90 days away and paid in full, we can issue you a Building Credit. Building Credits must be activated within 500 days from the day that you made your initial booking. This applies regardless of when your initial event date was scheduled or how far out you cancelled. Your Building Credit is only valid for 500 days from the date that you made the original booking. When booking an event with your Building Credit, you may only book as far in advance as the amount of time prior to your original event that you cancelled your date. For example, if you cancelled your original event 4 months before your event date and your event was paid in full, you would receive a Building Credit. If you wanted to book another event (using your Building Credit) for a date in May, you would have to wait until January to book your new event because you could only book your new event 4 months in advance using your Building Credit in that example.

What is included with each reservation?

When you book your wedding or social event at Meditations, we include all of your event essentials for no extra charge. All wedding or social event reservations include: tables, chairs, specialty tablecloths, audiovisual equipment, setup, takedown, and uplighting or hue lighting. Corporate reservations include tables, chairs, basic tablecloths, audiovisual equipment, setup, takedown, easels, a podium, microphones and wireless internet.

What AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT do you provide and how much does it cost?

Free Wi-Fi, 3 drop-down screens, built-in HD projector, surround sound, DirecTV, a DVD player, air media for presentations, and hook-ups for a laptop or an iPod/MP3 player. We are also happy to provide microphones (wired, wireless or lapel) in any of our event rooms or on the patio. (Add patio $150) All of our audiovisual equipment is included for no extra charge.

Can I bring in outside catering?

No, only wedding cakes and or grooms cakes.

What is your alcohol policy?

We offer a fully insured bartending serve here at Meditations. We have flexible payment options and setup.

What are my décor options?

You are welcome to design a custom room layout with our event assistants. Nails, thumbtacks and staples are not allowed. 

Is there a brides room/grooms room where we can get ready?

Yes! The bride’s room provides a great space to get ready for the big day as well as store personal items during your event. Each room is rented individually unless you choose to book the whole building. We also have a game room that makes a great groom’s room on the day of the wedding! 

Can we come early to decorate?

Yes, doors will be unlocked at 8am for you to come in and decorate.

Do you allow candles?

Only votive candles and tea candles

We have more than 125 in our quest count, how is that billed?

Gold Package- $18 Per person. Platinum Package- $25 per Person

Do you allow animals?

With the exception of service animals, we do not allow animals.

Do you allow sparklers or grand exits?

Sparklers are permitted, however, the use of sparklers must be approved by the building staff. Sparklers are allowed outside unless prohibited by the city or a burn ban. If a fine is assessed to the client or to Meditations for improper use of fireworks or sparklers, the client will be responsible for paying all fines in full (including those assessed to Meditations). Bubbles are permitted, however inside they can provide a slipping hazard so we prefer they be kept outside as much as possible. We do not allow confetti, rice, fake flower petals, hay or glitter.

Do you have a catering kitchen?

Meditations offers full service catering, there is no outside catering allowed.

I lost something at an event. Do you have a lost and found?

Contact office management at 1-405-377-7771